Katrine Bagnkop

Holistic Therapist

Bagnkop MindBody

Danmarksgade 29

9900 Frederikshavn


Mobil: +45 42 74 94 54

katrine bagnkop

In the heart of Frederikshavn lies a holistic treatment clinic called Bagnkop MindBody. I started my small business in 2020, with the vision of creating a special place aimed at promoting well-being and balance in people’s lives through natural and medicine-free treatment.

Bagnkop MindBody is a holistic gathering place where body, mind, and spirit are celebrated and nurtured. I believe that a harmonious connection between these three dimensions can transform lives and promote a deep sense of well-being.


All of Bagnkop MindBody’s offerings focus on your inner journey, where you can find peace and restore balance in a busy world, with the aim of creating a space for growth and self-discovery.

At Bagnkop MindBody, community is highly valued. I aim to create a place where people come together, share their stories, support each other, and build deep connections. Therefore, Bagnkop MindBody offers both 1:1 therapy, online programs, group sessions, workshops, as well as yoga and mindfulness classes.

As a person, I am dedicated and passionate, with a heart that beats to help people achieve their full potential and find inner harmony in an atmosphere of support and empowerment for everyone who walks through the door.

Though I am born and raised in Denmark I have spend many summers in Florida with my husband and three children. For a decade we owned a house in Indian Rocks Beach, FL. Because of this, and I am an educated English teacher, therefore I am fluent in English both spoken and written.

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